Erasmus plus projects of European Union🇪🇺🇪🇺 „Learning and Improving Fluent English” C5 Mobility 27th of February – 5th of March

Debar, N.Macedonia

This phase of the project had the reading tasks in order to improve the fluent english.

Activities, ice-breaking games, workshops and warming-up energizers helped a lot in realizing the goals of the project such as:

-Fostering creativity

-Enhancing english language skills

-Developing critical thinking

-Promoting European values and positive attitude towards cultural exchanges

-Promoting values of tolerance, understanding and peace

-Building bridges and stopping barriers through cultural exchanges

The mobility in Debar was full of duties and engagaments. We visited the most beautiful and cultural places, the official reception was fulfilled with a festival of music, dances and wedding improvisation.

The visit in Ohrid involved the castle, boat trip and the church of St. Naum.

The visit in Skopje involved the square, the archeological museum and the Memorial house of mother Teresa.

A lot of moments, a lot of memory.

Debar- a city of a culture and traditions!

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