The presentation of our region, city, school and educational system

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•In our school we have got 3 levels. These are;  kindergarten, primary school and secondary school

•Children can start kindergarten between 2-5 ages, in primary school they start between 6-9 ages and later they pass secondary school at the age of 10 to 14. In Turkey, students must study 4 + 4 years  for  compulsory education system. And then they pass high school without exam.

•Every levels of schools start at 9.15 a.m. and finish at 6 p.m. o’clock  except for Fridays. They study from 9.15 a.m. to  at 2.30 p.m. on Fridays. On Monday to Thursday they have got 10 lessons but on Fridays they have 7 lessons. We have got 50 minutes for lunch time. They eat their lunch in our mess hall.

•In kindergarten they have these lessons such as English, P.E, Gymnastics, Art, Music, Drama and Agriculture. They learn English with Prosodic techniques

•In Primary school we have got 1-2-3 and 4 grades.

•They study Turkish, English, German, Maths, Music, Agriculture, Robotics, Social Studies and Philosophy.

•In Secondary school we have got 5-6-7 and 8 grades. They study Math, Science, English, Art, P.E, Agriculture, Robotics, Philosophy, Revolution and Religion lessons.

•In Turkey, 8 grades enter an exam once a year to begin a high school with their exam results. This exam is compulsory for every secondary school students.Our schools focus on our students academic success.

•We do a Placement Exam in every two months. We clasify our students according to their success. They change their classes with their Placement Exam results in each lessons.

•As the exam approaches all of our 8 grades students enter a pilot test twice a week all of the lessons. 

•On Saturdays we have got V.I.P lessons and clubs such as Scrabble,Conversation,Black cat reading clubs, Folk dance club, Art club, Music club, Sport clubs, Robotic club, English Maths club or we study our students one by one lessons who has a problem about the subject .We support our students by heart.

•On Sundays our school has got monastery our students go there and solve tests (9 a.m.-8 p.m.) but it is not compulsory. If the students want 🙂



First meeting of Erasmus + project (Learning and Improving Fluent English (LIFE) ) was held in İzmir in Özel Oğuzhan Özkaya Ortaokulu. During the project meeting Partners’ presentation about educational system, traditions and places,  schools have been shown, Application’s work plan has been analysed and common work plan has been completed.

This first meeting has been a start and teachers have programmed  all the project activities. The participation in this meeting have had benefits the involved participants thanks to the activities which have  been integrated into school activities, according to their specificity and conditions.

Teachers have enriched their professional portfolios and teaching strategies exchanging experiences and the best practices with partners, getting familiar with and comparing different systems of education.

Cooperation and communication between different European countries have improved understanding of foreign countries’ culture and civilization.

The project has improved English competence too, both of teachers and students.

The activities achieved for the first meeting have been added in the school program, enriching it and estimulating students motivation.

We spoke about next mobility’s arrangements. There will be created the logo of the project with every logo winner from every country next meeting in Croatia . Another topic was : Every country will prepare a play about their legend.One country will send their play to another.Students will perform it  in Croatia and  preparations of some speaking activities&games.

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The project Execution group 

Project coordinator in Lithuania  the school Principal Virginija Emilija Navickienė

English teacher/contact person  Margarita Auruškevičė

English teachers  Jūratė Šipkutė Daminaitienė, Ana Jankūnienė

Physical Education teacher Augustas Četkauskas