Icebreaker activities

In the period from 23 May to 27 May, the fifth and the last  project mobility meeting of learning and teaching fluent English in the town of Varaždin in Croatia was held. The topic of mobility was speaking in a foreign language and numerous project activities on this topic were done.

Icebreaker activities:

1. Name Game

Have the group sit in a circle where everyone can see the others. The first person says their name. The next person continues, but after saying their own name, they repeat the first person’s name. This continues with each person repeating one more name. Reassure people towards the end that it’s ok if they get stuck & encourage the others to jump in to help if anyone is lost.

2. Playing Catch the Ball Introductions

First, give the first person the soft foam ball.  Introduce the game and

explain that the ball is the “share an interesting fact” ball.  The first

person must reveal something interesting about themselves and then throw the ball to the

second person. The second person also reveals something about

themselves and throws it on to the next person.

3. One Word at a Time

Create a surprise sentence by saying one word at a time. Give a general topic. The first person in the group says one word to a topic. The next person continues with another word. Eventually, the group creates a whole sentence by each member contributing only one word at a time. The outcome is always unexpected & almost always funny. Make sure people don’t say two words when using articles or pronouns.

4. Back to Back Drawing

The game requires two people to sit facing away from each other, where one team member is given a picture of an object or word. Without specifying directly what it is, the other person must describe the image without using words that clearly give away the image. This is a great game to develop verbal communication .

5. What is my name

Stick the name of a country on people’s backs. Have players mingle and ask each other questions to find out which country they are from.


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